Barbara Walters Clears Things Up: Woody Allen Is the Best Dad Ever

This entire conversation is so fucking gross. Barbara Walters announced on The View today that she's spent, like, a bunch of time around Woody Allen and his daughters and he is "as sensitive, and as loving and as caring" a father as she's ever seen. And also the statute of limitations has run out, so nya nya.

"I know Mia, I have a good relationship with her," Walters explained. "But I've been with Woody many times with his two daughters, he's got almost a twenty-year-old marriage…I have rarely seen a father as sensitive, and as loving and as caring as Woody is to his daughters. I don't know about Dylan, I can only tell you about what I've seen now, that it's a good marriage and that he's a loving, caring father."

"She has nothing to gain in coming out and saying this" Jenny McCarthy countered.

"Supposedly, she's very angry," Walters responded. "But she's doing it now because he's up for an award, so the question is does your personal life interfere with the award?"

Guest panelist Dana Loesch thought maybe it was the best time to divert attention.

"Or maybe it's because he's up for an award!" Walters interjected sharply.

Yes. Because no abuser has ever been charismatic, talented, and well-liked by his friends. Congratulations to Sherri Shepherd, Jenni McCarthy, and Dana Loesch (!?!?!!?!?!?!?) for looking like paragons of reason compared to Barbara Fucking Walters. [TheWrap]


In other [PROLONGED PAINFUL FOAMING VOMIT NOISE], Stephen King thought there was a "palpable bitchery" to Dylan Farrow's vulnerable, harrowing descriptions of her own child abuse.

I hate everything.

Philip Seymour Hoffman had reportedly been kicked out of his apartment by his girlfriend because of his heroin abuse.

"It was known that he was struggling to stay sober, and [girlfriend Mimi O'Donnell] had given him some tough love and told him he needed some time away from the kids and to get straight again," a Hollywood source said.

The troubled screen and stage star began renting a tony $9,800-a-month pad on Bethune Street in Greenwich Village — fewer than three blocks from the home he'd shared with O'Donnell and their three young kids — around three months ago, neighbors said.

He was found dead of an apparent heroin overdose in his apartment Sunday morning.

"He was apparently in the throes of a major heroin addiction'' when he died, a law-enforcement source said, adding that there didn't appear to be another woman in the actor's life.

So completely heartbreaking. [PageSix]

And here's a dark, affecting portrait of Hoffman taken just a few weeks before his death. [People]


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lady rainicorn

Honestly Barbara, who fucking cares if Woody Allen is a good father to his current kids? And obviously, how you personally see him act around his kids might not be the way things go down behind closed doors. So incredibly insensitive to say something like that.