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Barack Obama Is Going to a South Pacific Island to Work on His Book

Image via Getty.
Image via Getty.

Barack Obama has been having a very chill post-presidency despite Donald Trump’s every attempt to drag him back into his nonsense. The Obamas have still been in and around DC as Sasha finishes up school, but they still have plenty going on besides vacations. Both Barack and Michelle are writing memoirs, and they’ll reportedly do it on a tropical island, like adults.


The Washington Post reports that Obama is heading to his preferred vacation spot, Tetiaroa, an island in the South Pacific that was once owned by Marlon Brando. There, he will get to work and reflect on his eight years in the White House while relaxing on white sands. Obama has visited the island already since leaving office, as well as a few other spots on most of our bucket lists:

To escape the spotlight, the Obamas have taken multiple vacations since leaving the White House — to Palm Springs, the Caribbean and Hawaii. After meeting with tech executives about his presidential center recently, Obama headed to Oahu, where he golfed with friends and dined at Buzz’s Lanikai steakhouse in Kailua.


Most of us would like to kick back and write about our lives thus far as the ocean breeze cools us in a hammock. But the price for this level of retirement sweet life is eight years at the helm of the United States, an unwieldy and ungrateful ship.

Kick back and relax, Obamas. Work on your memoirs for as long as it takes to get really good at water-skiing.

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fuckin do it, dude. you deserve every last minute of it.