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Bar Refaeli Tweets About "Shaky And Hungry" Models, Has Account Closed

Illustration for article titled Bar Refaeli Tweets About Shaky And Hungry Models, Has Account Closed

The Sports Illustrated covergirl's agency denies that the now-suspended Twitter handle @IAmBarRefaeli was ever the real Refaeli's account, but whoever was using it Tweeted to-and-fro extensively with other models, and posted apparently authentic behind-the-scenes pictures at jobs. So, you know.


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afeversomeday, she once had a star

Found this quote at one of the links:

"Though Refaeli clearly meant well — and certainly has a point — describing 15-year-olds as looking 'shaky and hungry' without actually knowing if they’re shaky and hungry isn’t necessarily the best tactic."

Mmmm, yeeeees. Those models-to-be must have been just shaky-nervous and hungry for fame.