Banned Italian Lesbian Car Ad is Kind Of A Tease

Far be it for us to back off from any titillation, but we have to admit we were a little disappointed after watching this ad that was deemed too sexy for Italian TV.

The Daily Mail offers priggish concern: "At no point during the advert do any interior shots of the car, details of technical specification or a price get a mention." Mercy.

They also claim gay groups are "outraged." Is it because of the cheap exploitation or the fact that one woman in the ad prefers a matching top to a woman's pleasure? Apparently, both — we don't speak Italian, but "la visione maschilista ed eterosessuale" is pretty self-explanatory.


Racy Renault Car Advert Featuring Seductive Bedroom Scene Of Lesbian Couple Banned On Italian TV [Daily Mai]

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THIS is too racy for Italian television?

The last time I was in Italy, I saw a commercial where nine rats with wings were singing opera while gangbanging a teddy bear who seemed really into it.

Most disturbing children's cereal ad I've ever seen.