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Bangkok's Lady Boy Paints On His Game Face

Illustration for article titled Bangkoks Lady Boy Paints On His Game Face

[Edinburgh, August 11. The Lady Boys of Bangkok put make up on before their cabaret show in Scotland]

The festival favourites return once more to Edinburgh as part of their nationwide Fantasy and Feathers Tour. The Lady Boys perform their cabaret to packed houses and this tour includes hits from Cheryl Cole, Lady GaGa and the Proclaimers. Image via Getty.


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Can we please refer to kathoey using female gender pronouns from now on? There's really no equivalent to how they're referred to in Thai in English, unfortunately, but my parents used to live in Thailand and I can tell you most kathoey would be pretty uncomfortable being referred to as "he" or "his".

ETA - Sorry if I sound like I'm giving a lecture, I just saw a lot of really offensive, wierd behavior towards the kathoey while I was in Thailand from Westerners so I'm a bit touchy. It seems to be very hard for most Westerners to accept the idea of a gender/genders other than male and female, and that discomfort seems to prompt a lot of assholish behavior (ie, oh hey this makes me uncomfortable, so I'm going to shift that discomfort back onto the person who I percieve as having caused it).

My fondest memory of Thailand is actually sitting playing Connect Four with a lovely kathoey lady in a kickboxing bar - she saw that I was bored because my parents dragged me there (I was a teenager at the time), so she came over to try and cheer me up. And also fixed my eye makeup for me in the bathroom when I rubbed my eyes from all the smoke and smudged it.