Image: Bandai via YouTube

Bandaiā€™s bringing back the original Tamagotchisā€”like, literally the original Tamagotchis. Variety reports that the toy manufacturer will soon start selling the virtual pet gadget, complete with its original 1997 programming and original 1997 packaging, for $19.99, which is wild considering it only cost $17.99 in 1997! With inflation, that original selling point would be more like $28.25 in 2018 dollars, but still! Thatā€™s $19.99 for a 21-year-old toy! Thatā€™s $19.99 for ā€˜90s nostalgia! You donā€™t have to pay $19.99 for ā€˜90s nostalgia! Tumblr is free, bitch! Tumblr is free.