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Bandai Thinks I'm Stupid

Illustration for article titled Bandai Thinks Im Stupid
Image: Bandai via YouTube

Bandai’s bringing back the original Tamagotchis—like, literally the original Tamagotchis. Variety reports that the toy manufacturer will soon start selling the virtual pet gadget, complete with its original 1997 programming and original 1997 packaging, for $19.99, which is wild considering it only cost $17.99 in 1997! With inflation, that original selling point would be more like $28.25 in 2018 dollars, but still! That’s $19.99 for a 21-year-old toy! That’s $19.99 for ‘90s nostalgia! You don’t have to pay $19.99 for ‘90s nostalgia! Tumblr is free, bitch! Tumblr is free.


Contributor, Jezebel

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Interested to see the folks popping up to say they’ve kept theirs alive for 20 years. There must be some.