Baguette Is the Celebrity We Deserve

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Because anything is possible and nothing matters, on Monday Sofia Vergara threw an extravagant birthday party for Baguette, the dog belonging to her son Manolo Vergara, who just turned five. For the occasion, Vergara brought in catering by an edible art company and a cake replica of Baguette, who wore a plush pink mini dress and matching pearls


Baguette seems to be imbued with the typical chihuahua temperament—nonchalant and sleepy. That may just be her Sagittarius sun, though. There were macarons and desserts served out of golden dishes and “pupcakes,” or dog friendly cupcakes, and a host of friends and family who dropped by to celebrate. Kudos to parents who, unlike my own, fully embrace their children’s pets as grandbabies. My mother has, thus far, refused to acknowledge the birthday or general existence of my cat, Ferrari.

[Us Magazine]

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Why is Noah Centineo leaving flirty comments under photographs of Selena Gomez? Yesterday, Nick Styne, an agent with CAA, posted a photo with Selena. Centineo commented: “Bahhhhh she’s gorgeous” complete with an emoji.


Leave her alone, Centineo! I don’t trust him; the world may be fooled by his messy curls and boyish smile, but I am not.

[Oh No They Didn’t]

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