Baddie Winkle Helps Turn Nicole Richie Into a Bad Bitch

Here’s what happens when Nicole Richie chills with 86-year-old boss bitch Baddie Winkle for a night of debauchery at a biker bar.


We could all learn a few life lessons from Baddie Winkle and, as Nicole Richie says, “She can help me figure out who I want to be as an old lady.”

This obvious viral pairing is part of a series of clips that feature Richie teaming up with Web stars like Fat Jew, Hannah Bronfman and Girl with No Job to promote the second season of Candidly Nicole, which premieres on July 29.

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I am simultaneously amused and disgusted with the level of celebrity one can reach on social media. I don’t include Baddie Winkle (or the like), she’s obviously lived a life WITHOUT all of this to necessitate having a story to tell and something to share with us all. But these young kids who document every meal, shit and manicure?

I just hope they have a backup plan. No one can hold that much attention forever.