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When Aia was out jogging one recent morning outside Boston, some creep flashed her. So she chased him down and tackled him. A story with an incredible premise is made more incredible in its details, as they fly at you one by one in this brief Good Morning America story that surely is worth your two minutes.


Let’s start with how she is identified: Aia. One name. Like Cher. Surveillance footage of the incident was captured and features Aia passing the creep and making an immediate about face to apprehend him. She turns and flies.


“Bad luck, not the right choice,” says Aia, who served in the Israeli Army and has the sprint of a gazelle. GMA reports that she then tackled the flasher but excruciatingly, footage of that moment is not included in the show’s report. She reportedly pinned him with two hand behind his back while she called to bystanders who fucking ignored her! Sometimes on the subway I wonder what would happen if someone ran off with something of mine and I chased them down. Then what? Not being a one-person law enforcement agency, you need backup.

The story goes that when Aia attempted to call the cops, the guy broke free. Massachusetts State Police are looking for “a white man with a heavy build, short dark colored hair and a receding hairline.” Withering. Aia’s part of the story ends with her putting on a motorcycle helmet and riding off like a straight-up superhero.

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