Bad Economy Pushes Lesbian Guesthouse To Welcome Men

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Pearl's Rainbow, Key West's only lesbians-only guest house, is going to have to go temporarily sausage party to survive in this economic climate.


The resort went "all welcome" during Thanksgiving weekend for the first time. According to The Miami Herald,

The decision was made public about the same time Pearl's Rainbow was honored in October by Curve, the best-selling lesbian magazine, as the guesthouse that had the greatest impact on lesbian culture over the past 20 years.

Pearl's Rainbow's lesbian owner, Heather Carruthers, said it was a business decision based on tough economic realities, the request of some lesbian guests who would like to bring male family members or friends — and on some good news. Lesbians are being more accepted and feel more comfortable in the mainstream these days.


Thanks, Katy Perry!

Pearl's Rainbow had historically stood as an oasis for gay women who wanted a sex-exclusive vacation experience in a city that's dominated by the gay male population. Much of the city government and chamber of commerce in Key West consists of gay men and the town boasts 9 male-only guest houses, none of which plan to go all-welcome.

Lady-loving ladies who still want an all-lady vacation, don't fret! There's one other all-women's resort in the US, the Highlands Inn of Bethlehem, NH. Reservations can be made by dialing 1-877-LES-B-INN.

"A Lesbian Landmark Goes All Welcome" [Miami Herald]

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nobodyr aka bradmillershero

1. Guys see this announcement. Creepy, gay-woman-fetishizing men rush to this place, fleshlights in hand.

2. Gay women, in knowledge of the above, run away from the place because they are human beings and have dignity and self-respect.

3. With no gay women there, creepy men leave.

4. ?????

5. No profit