Bacon-Weilding Old Lady Fights Off Thief With Meat

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In Manchester, England, an elderly woman batted away a mugger with her groceries, namely a particularly hardcore packet of bacon.

On her way to the market, an 86-year-old woman stopped by an ATM, according to the Greater Manchester Police’s Facebook page via Time, and when she started off home, she wasn’t alone. As she pushed her cart full of groceries out of the store, she was “challenged by an unknown female who grabbed her trolley and demanded the money she had withdrawn.” Instead of handing over the pounds, the elderly woman beat the thief with meat until her attacker ran away. Who knew bacon was so lethal?

This is a great Facebook post until you get to the hashtag the Manchester Police used and maybe hoped would go viral, “BeatOffWithBacon.” =(


Image via Facebook.

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