ABC's The Bachelorette will kick off its 10th season on Monday, May 19th. Unfortunately, it seems that this season's star has already suffered from the unthinkable: she's lost her shoulder to the brutal chop of a heavy handed photoshopper. Also, her real hands have been replaced by Replicant hands.

Trying to find love on this show starring egg white-gobbling men with names my brain remembers as Kryptstin and Jordache is like trying to grow a vegetable garden in a cotton candy machine, but I wish 26-year-old lawyer Andi Dorfman the best of luck in this season. And I hope her hands and shoulder rest in peace.


Like I do every season, I'll probably watch until I get bored, or at least until the premiere of that show where dumb people get tricked into thinking they're competing to marry Prince Harry.