Baby With Insatiable Desire For Yogurt Is Haunting Reflection Of Our Inner Selves

Here is a baby who simply cannot get enough yogurt. We know the feeling. Maybe that's why when watching this infant — who looks similar to Rachel Dratch, actually — making a crazed expression and crying out for another spoonful of the gooey stuff feels a little like staring into our own souls. We've been there, buddy.


[Via Videogum]


This video is *disturbing* to watch.

1) He has owl eyes. Owl eyes that bore into your soul.

2) His reaction to a spoonful coming at him - it's like one of those baby birds with their mouths wide open just on instinct. He looks like an expression of pure id. He ~neeeeeds it~ He neeeds the Precious. That need squicks me out.

3) After he gets a mouthful, his expression immediately changes to one of ennui and even despair.