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Baby Panda Riding On A Pony, Need We Say More

This baby panda was born in 2013 and is now big enough to explore and run wild with our emotions. There is not a more perfect way to kickoff 2014 than with an adorable baby panda, playing on a pony ride. OMG I want to watch the baby panda rock back and forth all day. And then he (or she?) falls on his (or her??) butt! And my heart explodes.


Please, if anyone at Jezebel is reading this, PLEASE SEND HELP. AM DYING FROM CUTENESS OVERLOAD.

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Maybe I'm oversensitive in perceiving animal cruelty where it may not exist, but I agree with the commenter who asked how that panda got up there in the first place. I want to go and place her back down on the ground because frankly, as everyone laughs and coos, she looks like she's stuck and afraid to get off without falling.