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Baby Monkey Orphanage Will Make Your Heart Swell

When filmmaker Todd Bieber traveled to Costa Rica for a vacation with his girlfriend, he was immediately disappointed at the "adventure" suggestions his resort travel guide recommended he visit. Instead, they traveled to Nosara Wildlife Rescue, a place where good people have rescued orphaned or harmed monkeys and help to nurse them back to good health. Not unlike the Costa Rican sloth orphanage that we love so much, the footage from this monkey orphanage will make you make and cause your black heart swell. Good people doing good deeds and pint-sized monkeys is a recipe for pure happiness.


[Laughing Squid]

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I must suddenly be allergic to my cat, because my eyes are all watery..

I agree with this guy on the weird disconnection between tourists and their destination. In april I went to Uganda to visit my brother who was teaching and volunteering there, we stayed in super cheap (and super crappy by our standards) guesthouses, ate dinner on the street and met lovely people along the way. It was shocking and scary and interesting and I loved how I learned that I'd also be fine without water and electricity. (although I did get the runs and was constantly feeling slightly sick. probably the malaria pills)

But one day while we were in a safari park we decided to have lunch at the luxury resort. It was bizarre, everything was suddenly clean and polished, they had toilets with running water and damned cloth towels to dry your hands. People walking around in bathing clothes because there was a pool (which is espescially weird if you haven't seen a women without a knee length or more dress on for a week). But the most stupid and striking thing was that amid all that luxury and comfort, people were complaining. That the waiter took long, that they also wanted burgers, that they hadn't seen a lion yet. I was so embarassed, espscially as our driver/my brothers friend was also there and this was probably the most expensive meal he had eaten in his life.