Baby Mixup Leads To Lawsuit • Secret To Happy Marriage: Separate Houses

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• A woman from Illinois freaked out recently after she found out that she had breastfed a stranger's baby by mistake. She is now suing the hospital for their mix up. •

Josef Fritzl has reportedly been sending letters to his daughter Elisabeth, begging for money so he can "study to be a lawyer so I can defend myself." Elisabeth does not reply, but she is doing well since her escape from her father's dungeon. "She is looking for a car now. She likes wearing snazzy jeans and is proud of her children who all go to school and are doing well," revealed Fritzl's sister-in-law. • 30 of Princess Diana's letters have gone up for auction in Britain, and are expected to fetch $300 to $2,300 each. The letters discuss details about her private life, along with much more mundane revelations, including her eagerness to open presents early. • A recent study on racial bias and menstruation reveals a link between a woman's cycle and the likelihood want to sleep with a black man. The study's authors believe the racial bias is rooted in a tendency to avoid outsiders, and to tend toward "groupishness." • Now there's another option for when Fido or Fluffy goes missing: instead of papering the neighborhood, try hiring a professional pet tracker. For $100 an hour, the trained dogs will sniff out your furry friend. • A sex party room in an adult bookstore in Illinois has been cleared of all suspicion of illegal activity. Undercover cops investigated the shop, where the owner frequently runs orgies, but found only consenting adults having a good time. • "If you really care about women's rights and you are in Saudi Arabia, then starting from the 13th of February 2010 and for two weeks boycott all lingerie shops that employ men," requested a recent statement in a Saudi newspaper. It goes on to lament the fact that "women here divulge their bra and undie sizes and colors to strange men on a regular basis." • Doctors fear that the old practice of marrying blood relatives is going to put the next generation of children in Bahrain at risk for various health problems. Prenatal screenings often reveal the health issues, but obtaining an abortion is difficult in Bahrain. • A married couple in Britain claim they've found the secret to a happy marriage: living in separate houses. Gabrielle and Jan Henning live next door to one and other and revel in the fact that they can decorate their own walls. • Although more and more women are logging onto networks usually associated with hardcore gaming, they tend to resent being called "gamers," says a new study. •

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Tippi Hedren

I would LOVE to live next door to my husband... is that kind of sad?