Baby Lisa Lands People Cover; Other Missing Kid (Who Happens To Be Black) Ignored

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Shirley Johnson went to the state capitol in Phoenix, Arizona yesterday, wearing a purple T-shirt emblazoned with the words "Grandma won't stop!" Her granddaughter, Jahessye (JES'-ee) Shockley, has been missing since October 11, but Johnson feels the case has not received enough attention.
"The Glendale Police Department has not brought this to the forefront. They botched this investigation," Johnson told reporters. "I believe it's because she's a little black girl." Meanwhile: Today, the new issue of People hit stands, with blue-eyed Baby Lisa — now a household name — on the cover.


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Clearly white female victims garner the most media attention. I don't see how anyone could logically argue otherwise. However, I can't say I believe it only comes down to a matter of race. There are white female victims that no one outside of a local area hears about, too. It's the cases where the situations are extraordinary, like little girls disappearing out of their own bedrooms or quite-likely-lying mothers, that the case gets plastered all over. I barely know anything about the "baby Lisa" case, but it seems a safe bet that mom is next in line after Susan Smith and Casey Anthony.

It's a shame the media doesn't have room for full coverage of every single missing child. It's a travesty that this little girl's face isn't out there like the other baby's. I hope she is found and found soon. FWIW, after reading the article it appears the police are at least treating it seriously and giving it proper attention.