Baby Hitler Taken From Parents

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Adolf Hitler Campbell, the 3-year-old boy whose name was deemed too offensive for a supermarket birthday cake, has, along with his two sisters, been taken into state custody. Wethinks we hear the pitter-patter of ACLU...

Adolf, one-year-old JoyceLynn Aryan Nation and 8-month-old Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie "were removed from their parents' home Tuesday night by the New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services," according to the local police chief, who admitted that the police had not received any reports of abuse or neglect. The parents are due in court for a hearing over what one can only assume involves naming one's children after prominent Nazis and raising them as white supremacists.


Now, we don't yet know why the kids were seized, and one assumes there's got to be a better legal basis than just abhorrent beliefs and cruel and unusual naming (insert yuppie name joke here)...because, if not, Heath and Deborah Campbell would seem to have a pretty good case. And as we know from the unpleasant birthday-cake incident, they're not exactly adverse to litigation. Stay tuned.

Adolf Hitler, Sisters Taken from Parents' Home [NBC]

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A note about unfortunate names...

In the first half of last century, my great grandfather and his wife came to America from Avalino, Italy. Nonna was pregnant with my grandfather. For three generations, the men in the family had gone by the name 'Adolfo.' "No!" declared my great grandfather (called "Otto" in America) "My son will be an American! He will have an American name. No one will ever mock him for not belonging."

And that is how, in 1938, my grandfather was named "Adolph."