Baby Born With Frosted Tips, Instantly Earning Spot As the Coolest Kid in My Middle School

Image: via Getty

A baby born in Buckinghamshire, England has been blessed with a head full of natural frosted tips. Her parents think this unique trait makes her resemble David Beckham, but it actually makes her look like Sol G., the cutest kid in my sixth grade class. The baby is very lucky.


The Daily Mail and People reports that the baby, one Daisy Evans, arrived on this planet last month “with long locks naturally styled with the highlights,” which “shocked” her parents, both of whom were probably birthed with boring hair or no hair like a regular baby.

Look at her!!!!

Her mother, Charlotte Evans, told the Daily Mail:

‘People have said they’ve never seen anything like it before. There was a midwife who had been working for 44 years and she said she’d never seen it before.

‘There were midwives coming up from other floors who would say, “this is the baby everyone has been talking about, I’ve been waiting to see her”. She was famous in the hospital.

If the tips make it to puberty, and history’s patterns continue to repeat, she will also be famous at middle school dances, where everyone will clamor to partner up with her when they play *NSYNC’s “This I Promise You” during the Snowball dance, and you will cry when she says no, because you have silly frizzy hair and are wearing a cheap, baggy t-shirt with a dog on it, and she has frosted tips and parents who pack her Fruit-by-the-Foots in her lunchbox. She is cool and you are not, LOSER, so go find someone with boring unfrosted hair to dance with instead!!*

*Middle school was hard for me.




WAIT WAIT WAIT. This happened to my daughter (who is now 28). She had a lot of hair when she was born. The part closest to her head was dark, but halfway down the hair color changed to blonde. The doctor said when babies start to grow hair early in development, the continual exposure to amniotic fluid BLEACHES THE HAIR. This baby will not continue to have frosted tips. My baby had two-tone hair, no one made her famous in the damn hospital. Now she just has a glorious had of glossy chestnut hair.