B-rad, the Baby Sloth, Does Not Know the World Is Burning

Screengrab via YouTube

Hello, my darlings. When I write to you these days, I generally bring unhappy, or even near-cataclysmic tidings — and frankly, we all could use a break. And that is why I’d like to introduce you to B-rad, the adorable, if unfortunately named, baby three-toed sloth.

B-rad (pronounced Bee-rad), was rescued after he had been abandoned in the Costa Rica rainforest. Now he’s convalescing at Kids Saving the Rainforest in Quepos, Costa Rica and will be released into the wild once he has grown and gained strength. In the meantime, he’s sniffing the air atop his stuffed sloth and tolerating a well-meaning but maudlin dude by the name of Coyote Peterson.


B-rad was, however, quite taken with Peterson’s hat.

Screengrab via YouTube.

If you’d like to learn a bit about B’s species, you can leave the sound on — Peterson does offer some interesting factoids. But if you’d rather dispense with Peterson’s narration and focus on the cute, I suggest muting the video and sobbing cathartically as this baby sloth nibbles at a leaf.

Screengrab via YouTube.

When you behold such fuzzy innocence, what reaction is more appropriate than full-throttle weeping? By the end of the video, I was perilously close to pulling a Kristen Bell. This swell of feeling may have been connected to concern over our new national nightmare...or, in fact, it may be my emotional norm. I’ll let you decide.

In any case, enjoy some time with little B. He knows nothing of Trumps and executive orders and xenophobia. He’s not especially concerned with tax returns. He just wants to eat his leaf.


And now, as you watch, I will take the opportunity to replay the video as I sob on my couch.

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