Aziz Ansari Getting Invited to Tyrese’s Personal Benihana Restaurant Has Moved Me

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Aziz Ansari is pretty much having the greatest week ever. First, his hit Netflix show Master of None won Best Comedy at the Critics’ Choice Television Awards. Secondly, Ansari got to experience a longtime fantasy of his—the chance to dine at Tyrese Gibson’s personal, in-home, Benihana-style restaurant. This is a very real thing and it is called Gibsihana.


Aziz’s brother, Aniz, had the scoop on Tyrese’s restaurant way back in 2013. Time points out how after finding out this tidbit, Aziz flooded Tyrese’s Twitter mentions with requests to visit Gibsihana. Sadly, Tyrese didn’t respond—until now. Aziz recently posted videos of the gathering, which included the dudes from The Lonely Island and birthday boy Aniz. In one video, Aziz catches a shrimp in his mouth as David Guetta’s “Titanium” plays in the background. It’s a breathtaking moment. He is truly living his best life.

Look at this camaraderie. What if Aziz ends up joining the Fast and the Furious family???

Tyrese unveiled Gibsihana in a Youtube video from 2014. “There’s been some people in my backyard, some VIPs that I never posted pictures of, and I would never go public with, but I’ve done some real heavy, fly shit in my backyard,” he says in the clip. What other high-profile mouths have caught flying shrimp at Tyrese’s elusive hibachi hideaway?

I feel like Tyrese knows how to do rich right. Imagining having enough of that Fast and the Furious scrilla and overall DGAF-ness to build your favorite restaurant right inside your very home. The possibilities would be endless—your own ‘lil Shake Shack, In-N-Out, Taco Bell. Oh, and Tyrese didn’t stop there—he has a Starbucks in his backyard, too.


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