Azealia Banks Continues Her '90s Homage with Crop Tops, Beats and a Choreographed Dance Routine

Here's the video for "Luxury", the lastest release from 21-year-old Azealia Banks off of her mixtape Fantasea. With the help of director Clarence Fuller, Banks has created another '90s vibing video with New York cityscapes, choreographed rooftop dance routines and black and white footage. It's been awhile since Banks announced that she was shedding the title of rapper, instead deciding to identify as a "vocalist," and "Luxury" might be the manifestation of that transition. The video is a valiant enough effort, but we're still partial to her last '90s homage, "1991."

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Pink Everlasting

Love the song, digging the clothes, but how is that hat staying on her head?? it looks either too small or just not pushed down enough. Is it just a different kind of hat that I've never seen before?