Maybe you've forgotten that it's election season, what with all the superstorms swirling around the planet, but that's totally okay because vandals in Virginia were on hand to remind the nation that politics can be really gross by spray painting "Baby Killer" on the campaign office of Wayne Powell, the (pro-choice) Democrat challenging Rep. Eric Cantor (R. Va) for his congressional seat in Virginia's 7th District.

According to the Huffington Post, vandals struck Powell's campaign headquarters in Midlothian, but, in case that wasn't enough stomach-churning awfulness for one morning, a Powell spokesperson also confirmed that staffers reported that someone had demonstrated his or her proclivity for racism by spray painting "N—- Lover" on a sign in front another Powell office in Henrico (police departments in both counties have been contacted).


Cantor, alas, has his talons deeply dug into Virginia's 7th District, but that just goes to show you how poorly some people handle winning. And racial equality. And reproductive freedom. And not mouth-breathing on all the Dixie Forever mud flaps in Walmart. [via HuffPo]

Image via AP