Awful Restaurant Customer Leaves Worst Kind Of Tip

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A waitress at a Seattle restaurant recently posted the "tip" she received from a patron — instead of actually tipping her, he told her to lose weight.

According to her Facebook page, Victoria Liss waited on one Andrew Meyer at Bimbo's Cantina on Friday night. Instead of tipping her at the end of his meal, he wrote on the check, "P.S. You could stand to loose [sic] a few pounds." Helpful! I'm sure Meyer's weight-loss advice will be far more useful to Liss than any amount of money.

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Facebook users are rallying around Liss (click to enlarge) — but I especially like the observation that "Andrew Fuckface Myer eats spit." Another fearsome comment: "I sent to Dan [Savage] to be featured in The Stranger." Savage doesn't appear to have picked up the story yet, and he's been accused of fat-shaming himself. However, Andrew Meyer does seem like a pretty good candidate for a Savage-style neologism. Anyone? And any guesses as to which Andrew Meyer we're dealing with here? Crowdsource away.

Update: Now Savage has entered the fray.

Victoria Liss [Facebook]

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Seattle. I have never lived in a city so focused on exterior appearances. I know that people think perhaps LA is the mecca for that crap, but I've lived in Seattle almost ten years now and people size you up by so many indicators/signs of "belonging" I really feel they successfully close themselves off from the diversity they feel they celebrate. Judgment by the neighborhood you live in, how you get around (car vs. bike vs. public transportation), how many tattoos you have (or don't), blah, affiliations one might say go with many big city snobberies (to be clear, I've lived in other major metro areas), but multiplied times 98378923628365. If you don't match their idea of "exactly like me," they will practically shun you...but in that special Seattle passive-aggressive way.

Y'know, the city is cool in a lot of ways and very pretty and I don't mind the rain so much. I am appalled by many people I meet, though.

I recommend this article someone passed on to me a couple years ago. Unfortunately, my experience is it is fairly accurate: []