Awful Diet Pills Got a Woman Committed, Claims Lawsuit

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And you thought shitting your pants on Alli was bad: A 26-year-old Army Reservist and sociology student is suing an East New York health food store, alleging that "Natural Lipo X," the not-at-all-fake-sounding fat-burning pills they sold her, were so messed up that she was briefly committed:

The details of her allegations, reported by the New York Daily News, are pretty horrifying:

At the height of her sleep deprived delirium, Sainah Theodore, 26, got into arguments with strangers, stopped her car in the middle of a busy intersection and finally tore a screen door at her home and stabbed pillows and pictures until medics had to be called, her lawyer Brian Pascale said Wednesday.


According to the suit, she'd taken the pills with no problem in 2012, but tried again in December and had to stop after five days. First came trouble sleeping, then insomnia, and it only got worse from there. Her lawyer claims before it was all said and done, it'd caused "total destruction of her home." A scheduled deployment to Afghanistan has gotten the kibosh, too.

A man claiming to be the store owner's son told the Daily News that Theodore just wasn't supposed to be fasting while she took the pills: "We can't leave the store to see the customer eats well." Sure, buddy.

Lab tests revealed that the pills contained caffeine, a laxative you're not supposed to include in over-the-counter meds and the banned weight-loss stimulant Sibutramine—none of which were included on the label, of course.


Shady diet pills. Imagine that.

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It would be very easy to blame her for picking up snake oil diet pills but no. I won't. I can't help but feel that the industry relies on that attitude to get away with shit. The people who buy into these diet pills and plans typically are fucking desperate to lose weight. It might be for health reasons, or some seriously fucked up body issues. Deep down we all have a bullshit detector, but desperation can and will win out.

Look, she bought the pills yes. Are there better ways to lose weight? Fuck yeah! I lost 70lbs just by eating right. Wasn't overnight but it happened. But before that I bought PGX pills and deluded myself into thinking they worked [they didn't, not really]. There were times when those claims were really really tempting. Ultimately I just wasn't desperate enough though.

We know that the company was the one putting additives into the pills that weren't supposed to be there and weren't even on the label. She made a poor choice hoping it would work. They did that deliberately. You don't add shit you're not supposed to by accident. I sincerely hope this woman gets some justice and sympathy instead of a cascade of people judging her for taking something with unintended side effects. All that does is put the focus where it shouldn't be.