Awesome Clothes At Mysterious Movie Screening

I don't know much about Phoebe in Wonderland, which screened yesterday at Beverly Hills' Writers Guild Theater, but Jodie Foster, Felicity Huffman and various frighteningly poised children looked absolutely lovely.

The Good:


Loving Felicity Huffman's breezy, sunny (it can be both, right?) frock.

Why are these Fanning children - this is Elle - so ridiculously well-dressed?


Jodie Foster's all, yeah, I didn't even try...and look cool.


I am frightened of anyone this confident at...any age, but Mackenzie Milone certainly is working her cream shift!

The Bad:


Open neck is one thing. Off-the-shoulder is one thing. Looks-like-you-cut-it-yourself-too-big is quite another.

What Say You?


Dana Delaney: pretty or prissy?

[Images via Getty]

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