Authorities Say Lawmaker Arrested For Assault Pistol-Whipped His Wife in Front of Their Kids

Image via Aiken County Detention Center.
Image via Aiken County Detention Center.

South Carolina Rep. Chris Corley was arrested in December for assaulting a woman in front of children, but new details indicate the woman was his wife and the children were his own.


The State reports that it has since been clarified that Corley was attacking his wife in front of their own children, aged 2 and 8, brandishing a gun and then hitting her over the head with it. The 911 call from their terrified kids has horrified his fellow legislators, who are now calling for his resignation. The New York Post says that on the tapes, the children can be heard begging their dad to stop hitting his wife, saying, “Just stop, daddy. Just stop,” and “Daddy, why are you doing this?”

Among those calling for Corley’s resignation are Republican Sen. Shane Massey, who said this week that, “It’s not OK to beat your wife.” And the disgust is bipartisan—according to Democratic House Majority Leader Gary Simrill, if Corley refuses, the case will likely go to the House Ethics Committee. State Rep. Mandy Powers Norrell has also called for Corley’s resignation, stating tha domestic violence is “at the forefront in this state” and, “If I was in his shoes, I would want to step away from the spotlight.”


The NYP says Corley ran unopposed and was elected to a second term last November. He faces 20 years in prison if convicted of “domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature.”

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His Wikipedia page paints him in just the most flattering light. Here are some highlights:

Corley had previously expressed skepticism about laws restricting individuals accused or convicted of domestic violence from possessing firearms.

During the 2016 Republican Presidential primaries, Corley supported then-candidate Donald Trump, and was his co-chairman in Aiken County.

...he suggested the State of South Carolina should fly a white flag of surrender on the Statehouse grounds in place of the Confederate Flag which was removed by the South Carolina General Assembly following the Charleston church shooting.

Corley later sent Christmas cards featuring the Confederate Flag to his fellow Republican lawmakers, suggesting they “take this joyous time as an opportunity to ask for forgiveness of all your sins such as betrayal.

He is a one-man wrecking crew of all that is wrong with this nation.