Feb 18 2018
On trolls

Do better. For fuck’s sake, if you can’t even put someone down properly on the internet how the hell do you expect

Dec 6 2017

I am so tired of being let down. ‘Trust us!’ I’m sqwacked at, ‘No man is an island,’ I’m sermonized. Read more

Jun 15 2017

I got a compliment from an internet stranger today and for the first time in the history of me getting compliments, I believed them. Read more

Mar 1 2017

My granFanda passed away around 9 pm central time tonight. Her last few weeks have been very difficult, we’ve all suffered with her. I wanted to thank everyone for their incredibly moving responses to the stories I’ve shared about her over the years. This is a strange platform, but I’m a strange person, so, here goes: Read more

Jan 19 2017

So this has nothing to do with anything but my bff in the whole world married a guy last spring with 2 boys (she also has a boy from her 1st marriage). This dude played the trombone in school. Her kid plays the trombone in his school. The dude’s oldest son plays the trombone at his highschool. And as of 9pm Tonite the Read more

Oct 28 2016

Hallo Internet Humans. I found my burner key (!!) and so was able to upgrade to a *new* shitty phone while keeping this burner account. Hooray?

Jul 29 2016

I remember being offered this piece of garbage text when I was in my mid-teens and still attempting to force myself to faith. It’s first few chapters elicited a defining moment: every single concept that my father taught me was in direct opposition to the ethos of ‘a good Christian girl.’ Read more