I have a very low tolerance for body insecurity in my relationships with men. It might be because I don't have the world's best body, but I assume if a guy is trying to get my clothes off, he's already pretty well aware I'm not skinny and likes me anyway and wants to see me naked so I don't worry about it. And now

British newspapers are reporting today that an 8 year old girl walked up to a group of Iraqi soldiers in Youssifiyah today and blew up. Although early reports are calling it a suicide bombing, the explosives were apparently detonated via remote. Question: is"suicide" the right word? Can an eight year old girl "choose"

Researchers at the Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, in cooperation with Chilean winemaker Aurelio Montes, have found that people's impression of how good a wine tastes can be improved when paired with the right... music. Montes himself plays Gregorian chants to improve the quality of his wine, but the researchers

Love the sinner, hate the sin? Not if you're Catholic you don't. In 2004, the now-Pope barred pro-choice politicians from accepting Communion, though most of them (like all other pro-choice Catholics) basically ignored him. Now there's a hubbub because some whiny guy from Lancaster saw a priest give Communion to

John Edwards brought his own special brand of nice-guy hotness to Morning Joe this morning and, under intense questioning by Mika Brzezinski, admits that he voted for someone in last Tuesday's primary and that he will likely endorse that person eventually. But he insists that he won't reveal who that person is