Dec 31 2012

So much dumb packed into one tiny, tiny comment:

Dec 23 2012

Dude is just trolling and derailing with a study that doesn't even prove his point, then he deletes all the replies that point this out and to which he has no reply: Read more

Dec 9 2012

Gail Simone was unceremoniously fired from her very successful and critically-acclaimed run on the DC Comics book "Batgirl" *via email* by the new editor Brian Cunningham. She was one of the very few female creators working at DC in spite of ongoing pressure on their diversity issues. Longtime editor Karen Berger quit Read more

Dec 5 2012

So frustrating! I've been trying to get Doctors Without Borders' attention for days on Twitter to re-tweet a link to a site I worked on where you can vote for one of five charities to get $1K and today they finally noticed — and *favorited* my tweet! Which NO ONE SEES! Two of the five other charities are just stomping Read more

Oct 25 2012

Mr. Man came here just to mansplain to the wimmenz that we are whiny bitches who should just be thankful our men don't beat us: Read more

Oct 18 2012

Shockingly, another one on that same thread! I think this guy's just a men's rights troll generally...