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Sep 17

I’m a big fan of the sleek, rear-engined Fiat 850 Spider, and while I know it’s a small car, something about this

Sep 15

Uhhh...what’s going here? Who is Vauxhall targeting in this ad? The demographic of women in mustard pantsuits who

Sep 14

I was off Friday judging a LeMons race, but I’m back, ready to fall back into the damp, warm embrace of high-quality automotive content. Let’s start the week the best way possible— with an old Dutch truck. That sounds like a euphemism—give ‘em the old Dutch Truck! But mostly I like the name for this DAF, Torpedofront,

Sep 10

Any day is a good day to look at a Brazilian VW SP-2, right? Of course it is. While they always looked way quicker than they were, these Type 3-powered treats did manage to have that crucial quality every sports car owner craves: two trunks. Damn, I love these.

Sep 9

The 1976 Rover 2200 SC had a special edition designed to corner the lucrative academic market that included a headliner-mounted Mortarboard Track that let a mortarboard-wearing academe slide in their distinctive hat for storage just by sitting in the car. Academic “Robe Guides” were integrated into the seats as well,