Australian Grazia Didn’t Get The Slim-Down-Kate Memo

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British glossy Grazia has issued a statement contradicting our post yesterday. We pointed out the shrinking job that had been done on Kate Middleton's waist on their Royal Wedding cover. They say in part,


Grazia prides itself on being a publication that champions women and women's bodies, and we have no reason to make Catherine Middleton appear thinner....

However, in this instance, Grazia did not make any changes to the image of the Duchess of Cambridge in order to make her look slimmer than she is. We did, however, remove the Duke; and the Duchess' arm was adapted in order to fill in the resulting gap.

In other words, the original picture had the Duchess holding her husband's arm; they rejiggered it to be holding the bouquet.

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Really, this is not a matter of denial or contention. All you need is a pair of eyes; the most charitable explanation is that they did a crappy job on the cut-out and took off some of her waist while they were at it. And if you're still not convinced, take a look at what ended up on the Australian cover of the same magazine, above. Same photo, similar arm-rejiggering, different waist. Champions, indeed.

Grazia's Royal Wedding Cover [Grazia Daily]
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The Australia Grazia cover > The UK cover.

I dunno, I work in media and I would/could never let a graphic designer sign off on that whole "ransom letter" font type. Plus, "Arise McQueen Kate" is awkward phrasing both in speech and visually. All in all, it looks like a hack job.

I also looked closely at both covers, and I think those are not the exact same photo although they look like it. Her smile is wider in the UK cover.