Austen-fanatics, the Trailer for Austenland Is Here

Based off of the popular book of the same name, the trailer for the movie Austenland starring Keri Russell is out. Start clutching your pearls, or whatever women did back in Jane Austen's time that was a way to express excitement and horror at the same time.


In Austenland, that girl who starred in Felicity is now cast as Jane, a woman so obsessed with Jane Austen's books that she goes to a Jane Austen getaway of sorts in England where she dresses in period films and does period things, with Jennifer Coolidge, and Jane Seymour aka Kitty Kat joining in. If you have not read any of Ms. Austen's books, it looks like Bret McKenzie of Flight of the Conchords* plays the man Jane thinks she's supposed to be with (Wickham), while British/American actor J.J. Field is the Darcy character (the man she doesn't know she's supposed to be with but obviously is). We haven't had an Austen anything in a minute, so if you're into that sort of thing, this looks pretty delightful.


Related, sorta: This terrifying statue of Mr. Darcy.

*I was always more of a Jemaine woman myself, but if we all wanted the same men then the world would be a very inbred place wouldn't it?

'Austenland' Trailer: Keri Russell Looks for Her Own Mr. Darcy [THR]

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So, is a "Jane Austen getaway of sorts in England" an actual thing?
Asking for a friend.