Attention TV Producers: We Don't Need Any More Housewives

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Reality show producers are casting a new "documentary style mini-series" about the "Real Women in Beverly Hills." Sure, we already have The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but apparently someone thinks Bravo isn't adequately exploring these ladies' lavish, botox-filled lives.


The casting notice obtained by The Daily Truffle reads:

A LA-based reality TV production company is now casting a new documentary-style television show for a MAJOR CABLE network that gives an inside look into 90210′s most FABULOUS moms as they balance demanding personal lives, and their kid's busy school calendar! If you a charismatic, affluent mother (25-40), living in Beverly Hills, and are extremely active in your children's school activities and social events, we want to meet you! Please email your: name, age, a bit about you, where you live, a current photo(s) and a contact number to

There's no denying the Real Housewives franchise is one of TV's greatest guilty pleasures, but between the ladies of Orange County, New York, New Jersey, Atlanta, D.C., and Beverly Hills, (not to mention spinoffs Bethenny Getting Married and Southern Belles) we've pretty much learned all there is to learn about their "reality."

Yes, when Real Housewives of Orange County debuted in 2006, the lives of the rich and semi-famous women who inspired The O.C. and Desperate Housewives seemed flashy and intriguing. But now we get it — rich women (or perhaps just the variety desperate to be D-list stars) spend money on hideous things, act like 14-year-olds, and fight with their frenemies at charity events. After season one, they reveal they're suffering from relationship problems and severe debt.

Supposedly this new show is totally different from what's already on TV because it's shorter and it isn't scripted (though, Andy Cohen may take exception to the insinuation that Bravo's series is partially-scripted). But since keeping up with the 40+ cast members from the original Housewives shows has left our TV-viewing schedule pretty fully, they're going to have to come up with a more novel idea to get us to tune in. Producers, let us know when you've got some pregnant teen housewives, housewives who moonlight as ice road truckers, or rich little people housewives with 18 kids, and we'll talk.

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I want to see a tv show featuring a housewife politican who owns a pawn shop and appraises antiques on a bus with seven other people who stop being polite and start getting real but only when they're on an island during shark week.

I'm waiting, Bravo.