Attack Of The 50 Ft. Stockings

This German hosiery ad from 1959 tries to convince us of two things: one, that wearing these nylons will literally turn you in to a man magnet, and two, that wearing them may also turn you into a giant. [VintageAds]


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I just read through the comments on the post about street harassment. Interesting juxtaposition. Did you notice that the women in the stockings were all model-looking (for the time), and the men were all ordinary-looking slobs? So what's going on here? Wear our stockings, become incredibly gorgeous and random ordinary men will harass you? Or, if you don't wear our stockings, your man will go out and harass someone who does? The price of getting a man is being harassed? The price of keeping a man is looking like you want to be harassed? (And in those days, much more so than now, getting and keeping a man was a matter of economic survival.) Sheesh! I have to be more judicious about which posts I read when.