The Metropolitan Opera's season premiere may have been controversial, but the culture-lovin' (or fronting) stars' clothes were an unambiguous hit.

Rachel Roy goes for opulent minimalism. And dig the confidence of the pm ponytail!

Loving the sort of boho ease of Anjelica Huston's flowing knit!


Speaking of boho chic, Rufus Wainwright channels mid-century Soho.

Holly Hunter forgot her slip. Should someone tell her?


I nominate Christine Baranski. Looking, by the way, every inch the grande dame.

Vera Farmiga: fertility goddess!


Speaking of Mount Olympus, Kerry Washington is Aprodite-esque and stunning!

At least Miranda Richardson has extra ammunition across her chest if her quiver runs short.


When in doubt, Patricia Clarkson always goes the old Hollywood charmeuse route. Hey, if it's not broke...


Meg Ryan's dress hopefully just sits low and isn't slipping, because we've been there, and the arms-at-the-sides pose gets old very fast.

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