At Long Last, Giselle And Tom Brady Get to Join Their Local Country Club

Image via AP.
Image via AP.

As you close your eyes at night and await Old Mother Sleep to ferry you to her lair, do you sometimes find yourself wondering: Are Giselle Bündchen and Tom Brady ever going to get to join that country club? I mean, they live RIGHT next door.


Friends: I am so happy to tell you the wait is over. The Boston Globe reported that two long years after first applying for membership at The County Country Club in Brookline, Massachusetts, the deserving (I think we can all agree) couple was finally admitted. What took so long?

It’s not that Giselle and Brady weren’t a good fit for the club. The 135-year-old institution presumably just loves having rich, beautiful people haunting its gleaming corridors. The problem was that the pair was simply too famous, and that their presence would disrupt the peace that I’m sure The Country Club has worked hard to cultivate over its century-long existence. All the paparazzi and the hubbub stress Ms. Fertweilers’s toy poodle, and if another toy poodle drops dead next to the hydrangeas it’s going to start to look bad.

After originally suggesting that Brady hold off applying until he was done playing for the Patriots, it looks like the club has reconsidered its stance. From the Globe:

The couple, whose multimillion-dollar home is adjacent to the club, have been seen playing golf at TCC in recent weeks. No, they didn’t sneak in. Brady has been quietly admitted to the exclusive club, and his membership gives both him and his Brazilian wife the privilege of using its many amenities, including the golf courses — both the 18-hole and the nine-hole — indoor and outdoor tennis courts, curling rink, Olympic-size swimming pool, skeet range, cross-country skiing trails, and skating pond.

Current members generally seem to be OK with the new additions, and god knows they’d say so if they weren’t, since members aren’t known for holding back when it comes to their distaste for club diversity. As one told the Globe two years ago: “It’s really about who you are. Do you have good values? It’s that old New England mentality.” Good values, like the ones that allowed the club to ban Jewish people until the 1970s, women until 1989, and black people until 1994? Another member put it even more bluntly. “We don’t want any thugs at the club.”

Seems like Brady will fit right in.


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