At Least Two Models of Color Walked Every Runway This Past New York Fashion Week

Models at Ulla Johnson’s S/S 2018 collection / Image via Getty
Models at Ulla Johnson’s S/S 2018 collection / Image via Getty

According to The Fashion Spot’s annual diversity report, this past New York fashion week was reportedly the most diverse season in recent history. In the Spring 2018 New York shows 63.1% of castings were white and 36.9% were nonwhite. And for the first time in New York fashion week history every runway included at least two models of color.

In terms of body diversity, the report indicates that 90 plus-size models walked this season, which amounts to about 3.46% of the models walking. If you compared this season to Fall/Winter 2017, only 26 plus size models walked. But this significant lift happened mostly in shows for plus-size brands, such as Torrid or Addition Elle.

In addition to an increase in plus-size models and models of color, this season also saw an increase in trans visibility on the runway. For this season 28 transgender models and three non-binary models walked across 29 runway shows


Nothing here is anything to write home about exactly, but New York designers are clearly taking those teeny, tiny, baby steps down the runway when it comes to presenting more diversity.

Pop Culture Reporter, Jezebel

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This actually accurately represents the racial demographics of the US, with 63% of the population being non-hispanic white. I think that’s pretty decent.