At Last, Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson's Baby Is Here

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Hot person Jodie Turner-Smith and fellow hot person Joshua Jackson now have a baby, one that will presumably grow up to be a hot person as well.


People says Turner-Smith and Jackson’s daughter was born on Tuesday. A rep told the tabloid that “[b]oth mother and baby are happy and healthy,” though no word yet on the baby’s name. Jackson and Turner-Smith got married in December and announced the baby’s impending arrival in January. Last month, Jackson said he was pretty anxious about having a baby in the middle of a pandemic, which, very fair!

Luckily, everything seems fine.

Congratulations to Turner-Smith, Jackson, and their baby, who is very lucky. [People]

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Apparently, Jackie Kennedy knew that John F. Kennedy was a fuckboy long before they got married, and she didn’t much care for it. At least that’s what author James Patterson dug up while researching his new book, The House of Kennedy, a novelistic look into the Kennedy family.  


Per an excerpt in People:

When journalist Charles Bartlett and his wife in 1952 decided to bring Joe Kennedy’s son John — then a young senator nearly a decade away from the White House — together with Jacqueline Bouvier, a writer for the Washington Times-Herald, the matchmaking worked.

But, even in the beginning, the future first lady knew that the relationship would cost her. (The late president was known for his affairs — even after his marriage.)

“This latest meeting takes root, and Jackie later says she determined of their relationship, ‘Such heartbreak would be worth the pain,’ ” Patterson writes.


Poor Jackie O! You always know. [People]

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Feels insensitive to turn the largest mass shooting in Canadian history into a joke about the Queen’s Birthday, especially considering it’s the only mention of it on this website. I know Jez isn’t news, you have your own problems in the US, you’re desensitized to mass shootings, etc. But this shooting, in the midst of the pandemic, has hit us hard. Sincerely, your Canadian neighbour (with a u)