It’s that wonderful time of year again, when our favorite extremely paid models get dressed down in all manner of glitz and glam to walk the runway not once but twice, then wait a few weeks to have their hotness edited into an hour-long production so they look even more hot and so that nobody falls.

Yes, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was Tuesday night, and while us plebs have to wait until December 8th to see the full ordeal, here are all the stills of these alien creatures who kindly dropped down to hang with us on Planet Earth.

Some of them made like Belle in Beauty and the Beast and went practically romantic in a classic ‘80s VS way.

Makes me want to snuggle up with a trashy book and just dive into tales about a pirate lover, ya know?

Or maybe hang out with Lumiere the talking candlestick while my very hairy potential lover skulks around our home, IDK.

In any case, I’m all dressed up, and there better be somewhere to go.

Moving on: MAN I LOVE FIRE and LIGHTS.

But not as much as I enjoy the free love and easy spirit of 1970s America, mixed with a bit of Spanish lace.

Watch me grab a sexy man and cha cha in this bad boy.

But never violently, no; this is a time of peace and... what’s that other word?

Things are starting to feel a little hazy.

In a good way though!

Seriously, I feel great.

But things are a little too mellow, so it’s time to head south, to BRAZILLLLL for a little Carnival!

Feathers! I looove feathers.

And smiling. Love to smile.

But you know what’s even better than smiling? Being a strong independent woman who works for a living dammit!

What? Surfing is a job!

As is hanging out in your pajamas.

Not sure about what this person does but she looks warm in some places.

Clowns have gotten so creative, haven’t they?

But you know, all I really want to do is fly. I wanna fly awayyyy. Yea. Yea. Yeaaa.

If my wings are colorful, all the better.

If they show a little butt, all the betterer.

However there’s nothing better, frankly then getting a little dark.

Like real dark, I’m talking black.

Until it’s cold out and it’s time to put on your winter white! Doesn’t it just make you want to take out the best pair of your lingerie you own, throw a fur over it, and walk outside in this balmy 55 degree November weather?

Maybe go skiing?

Make a snow angel? LOL get it I’M the snow angel!

It’s super fun because it comes with cool hats and goggles.

Man! That was a blast. Let’s be thankful we’re not Ellie Goulding, who probably wasn’t getting hit in the face by this wing, but it sure is fun to imagine that that’s the case, isn’t it?

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