Ask a Mortician: What Happens to Breast Implants When You're Cremated?

It's your lucky day: A new episode of Ask a Mortician has arrived, full of totally true death facts.


In this new clip, our mortician friend Caitlin Doughty explains what happens to stuff like breast implants or metal hip replacement joints when a body is cremated. Hint: That road sign you drove by earlier might have been someone's knees. Also: Exploding Pacemakers would be a good band name.

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RaisedByHeathens Orange Meanie-Pants

Exploding pacemakers are super super serial. Retorts (the actual "oven" parts of the crematory) Are kind of dangerous. A guy in GA was cut in half a few years back when a faulty door fell on him ( and he wasn't using proper equipment. None if your body is ever supposed to cross the threshold)