Ask a Mortician: I Want a Viking Funeral, Is That Legal?

Caitlin Doughty, our favorite mortician, weighs in on Viking funerals. You might like boats, and you might like fire, and you might want your corpse to set sail in a boat that's on fire, but apparently, if you do so, you will be breaking a bunch of laws.

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[Order of the Good Death]

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Is it cultural appropriation if the culture in question is not terribly marginalized? I mean, I think we would all be appalled if some random white guy tried to do a "traditional Navajo funeral" (although I'm sure random white guys do that all the time).

The coolness of fire aside, maybe we ought to leave Viking funerals to the Vikings? The rest of us apparently just have to be satisfied with our sad Midwestern funerals where folks hang out awkwardly at the graveside for a while before heading back to the widow's house for casserole and jello with baby marshmallows.