Ashley Graham Is Pretty Much 'IDGAF' About Cheryl Tiegs

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Model and body activist Ashley Graham has absolutely no fucks to give about recent comments made by Cherly Tiegs about how “healthy” she is or not.


The most fabulous of her straight-up IDGAF sentiments were made clear after Graham fierced the runway in the H&M Studios Autumn/Winter 2016 show for Paris Fashion Week. Graham told E! News:

“ skin is so thick. I kind of rolled my eyes, I was like, ‘Oh whatever, another one of these ladies.’ But what’s great is that—the fact that she said it—it means that other women think like her. And what that means is that we really need to change the industry.”


The recent (and first) Sports Illustrated cover plus-size model’s remarks were made in response to former cover girl Tiegs, who deigned Graham by declaring her curves “unhealthy” last week, citing Dr. Oz as the super legit barometer for figuring out things that are healthy and things that are not.

Tiegs then took to Twitter to dig herself in a deeper hole by stating, “To clarify re bodyweight. Being anorexic/bulimic/overweight all connected to health problems. I want all to be as healthy as they can.”

Post-show, Graham also added, “There are too many people thinking they can look at a girl my size and say that we are unhealthy. You can’t, only my doctor can!”

I’m going to go ahead and say that her doctor is probably not Dr. Oz, Cheryl.

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Judging is unattractive. Good for Ashley.