Arty Types Party On With Socialites, Dionne Warwick

MoMA's 41st Annual Party in the Garden, held in, well, the Museum of Modern Art's garden, always brings out the a mix of old guard and random newbies - think Dionne, Glenn, Glenda and Estelle - and the result? Magic!

The Good: Renee Rockefeller demonstrates classic socialite-at-benefit chic, which, after all, has its place.


The Good: Harper's Bazaar editor Glenda Bailey's boldly individual awesomeness knows no bounds. Maybe we all appreciate her even more after that Wintour interview?

The Good: Dionne Warwick says: "Don't Make Me Over." We say: "okay."


The Good: Truth to power, the proportions of Glenn's jacket gave me momentary pause. But overall, this is such a good look for her! Elegant and fun!


The Good: Gillian Miniter also obviously has a closet full of benefit-worthy socialite togs, and can produce what Barbara Pym would call "exactly the right touch of dowdy elegance" at will.


What Say You about DJ Cassidy (a noted fop and dandy)'s take on Wasp togs? Specifically, the somewhat ironic footwear?


There's a lot to love about Estelle's frock, but what Say You about the fit?

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