Artist Paints Portraits With A Tube Of Lipstick And Her Lips

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Creating kiss-art sounds like a meticulous, highly personal, and semi-romantic process that apparently can have stunning results. Local Houston artist Natalie Irish uses this very process to paint portraits, like the one above of Marilyn Monroe, by placing over a thousand kisses from her lips onto a blank canvas.

Irish details her artistic process (as well as her daily morning routine) in this video posted to her YouTube account. Kind of makes us want to dig up our red lipstick and get to town on some napkins or office printer paper.


[Official Site Via Oddity Central]

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This artist is clearly talented, but Janine Antoni paved the way long ago.

Janine Antoni did something suspiciously similar, she created her 'butterfly kisses' by painting her eyelashes with Covergirl Mascara and blinking as much as she could for three years between 1996-1999, it is now owned by MoMA. []

For another piece she gnawed on a block of lard and a block of chocolate, and then took the chewed bits and made lipstick from the lard and a box of chocolates out of the chocolate.

Janine wrote the book on using products and creating a body-centric process to create her art, right down to her filming of many of the pieces: See her Loving Care performance piece, where she mops the floor with the black hair dye brand her mother used. She openly admits her art is driven by her experience as a woman, and her art often has a clearly feminist perspective.