Art Student Parodies Photoshopped Ads To Highlight Ridiculous Extremes

Oh wow. These mock ads created by Anna Hill, a 24-year-old student at East Carolina University student, are pretty fanfuckingtastic.

Hill created the images skewering overly Photoshopped ads for a final project in a digital photography class, which she shared on Reddit. So while she's someone who utilizes and appreciates the medium, she's also someone who recognizes when mainstream medium outlets overuse and abuse the tool.


Hill described her surprising reaction to the final product to the Huffington Post:

"One thing I noticed when I was doing these that when I suddenly went back to the unedited [image], it looked so wrong and kinda gross," Hill said. "It made me extra aware of how skewed my perception was after looking at the edited ones for a while."


Hey, I've met my new best friend—she's funny, talented and totally brilliant! We should totally ask if she'll sit with us at lunch tomorrow.

Images via Anna Hill

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