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Arrested Dine-and-Dasher Was Only Trying to Impress His Girl

Illustration for article titled Arrested Dine-and-Dasher Was Only Trying to Impress His Girl

Budding filmmaker Janis Nords wined and dined his ladyfriend at fancy London restaurants then ducked out on paying the bill—until a camera caught him, dun dun DUN, and he got busted. But maybe the crimes were her fault?


The Daily Mail and The Sun describe the girlfriend as "high-maintenance," which suggests that her feminine wiles are the real culprit here. If that gal didn't have such high standards and expectations, such language suggests, then this poor guy probably would have never dined-and-dashed so expensively—to the tune of almost a thousand pounds at one exclusive eatery. He would have been content to make his artsy award-winning movies and eat Hot Pockets or frozen pizza instead of "foie gras and mackerel and main courses of hare and venison"—the staple foods of high-maintenance ladies.

It seems the gf was also arrested, but then let go without being charged. "Police are convinced the girl knew nothing," reports The Sun. But what did her feminine wiles know, and should they be arrested? You be the judge.


Foodie fiend has starter, main course then deserts [The Sun]

Image delphaber/via Flickr

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Rich people steal things.

Restauranteurs feel the loss.

Americans don't care, because this happened in England.

Moral: tip your waitress. 20% in New York and 15% everywhere else.