Ariana Grande's Slinking All Over a Bad Influence in 'Dangerous Woman'

Baby Grande dropped her new single with a fetish-y cover photo—that latex bunny mask is half Ghost World, half gimp suit—and it’s her most sexual song since “Get On Your Knees,” a tale about a saucy bad boy that could have been on the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack.


Or maybe it sounds that way because, as Idolator points out, it comes off like a counterpart to The Weeknd’s own Fifty Shades joint, “Earned It,” or at least a reasonable response to his assertion that you deserve it. She’s like “I know,” and further trots out Ariana Grande the Badass, a side to her she’s been leaning into for the last two years or so as she’s truly molted her Nickelodeon beginnings and charged into adult womanhood. It’s cool to hear, and as ever she’s got some of the strongest pipes in the business, but here is measured, doesn’t Aguilera-out with the melisma.

But what could it be about the dude that makes her feel like a “dangerous woman,” you ask? Two suggestions from my dumb boyfriend:

1. He’s smoking bogies

2. He owns two cell phones

Which is perfect because my own boyfriend makes me feel like a different kind of dangerous woman when he makes fun of music that I like! It all evens out in the end.

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so I never saw Ghost World... but I was getting a little Donnie Darko vibe from the bunny suit...mask I mean.