Ariana Grande Seems to Have Replaced Engagement Band With Friendship Ring

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Ariana Grande hasn’t worn the $93,000 pear-shaped ring her former fiancé Pete Davidson gave to her in several weeks. Now, Page Six reports, she is sporting a friendship ring she shares with her six besties, instead.


Coincidence? Or two-act play with triumphant, empowered conclusion?

Page Six reports that the friendship ring, which has been showing up in a series of Instagram Story posts, looks “suspiciously like a (much smaller) engagement ring.” Grande has also reportedly been commenting on her “girl squad”’s pictures using the ring emoji.


It does seem symbolic? But also, like, the universe in its infinite wisdom gave us many fingers, usually ten, so that we can signify a multitude of close relationships through them at once. And, of course, so we can blog.

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