Ariana Grande on Manchester Bombing: 'It's Still so Heavy on My Heart Every Single Day'

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It’s been almost a year since 22 people were killed and hundreds injured in the Manchester Arena bombing attack that occurred just after an Ariana Grande concert.


Now, in an interview with Time published on Thursday, the 24-year-old singer has spoken in detail, for the first time, about how she’s been processing the events of that night.

“I never opened up about it, because I thought that was how life was supposed to feel … There are so many people who have suffered such loss and pain. The processing part is going to take forever … Music is supposed to be the safest thing in the world. I think that’s why it’s still so heavy on my heart every single day. I wish there was more that I could fix. You think with time it’ll become easier to talk about. Or you’ll make peace with it. But every day I wait for that peace to come and it’s still very painful.”


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